We have partnered with Inivos to offer hospital grade decontamination and infection prevention systems for almost every industry.

Leading decontamination technologies and proven implementation programmes to remove the risk of infection in your premises and buildings.


ProXcide™ is the newest HPV decontamination technology which ensures no operator programming is required. ProXcide™ uses a unique method of vapour dispersal technology combined with powerful circulation. This ensures the vapour is distributed throughout the room and makes contact with all surfaces requiring treatment. 


Ultra-V™ is a UV-C light decontamination device. UV-C light has been proven to kill vegetative bacteria by destroying the nucleic acid in DNA. Sensors we call Spectromes are placed around the room to monitor the decontamination process and control the amount of UV-C light necessary for an effective decontamination.

Contact us today to discover how our leading infection prevention solutions can help make your working environment safer.

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