How to Care for Your Mobility Scooter During Summer


With longer days and the sun shining more often, the summer season is the perfect time for you to go out and explore on your mobility scooter! Being outside at this time of year to enjoy the warmth and fresh air provides you with more opportunity for adventure.

Whether you’ve been using it regularly throughout the year or are bringing it out of storage, it’s important to give it a once over and remind yourself of how to care for your mobility scooter during summer.

Considerations for Mobility Scooter Care in the Summer

The season of summer provides different things to look out for when it comes to mobility scooter care, so here ‘s what you need to consider.

Direct Sunlight & Heat

Just like we protect ourselves in the sun and hot temperatures, we have to protect our mobility scooters too. When parking and storing your scooter, make sure it is in the shade or use a mobility scooter accessory, like the Scooterpac Canopy, to shield it from the sun. Our Scooterpac Canopy protects from UV rays as well as the rain!

The heat and UV rays from the sun can damage the plastic parts and cause your scooter to lose its pigment, thereby fading the paintwork. It can also make it hard to view your tiller dashboard’s battery gauge, and it’s vital you check how much battery you have before you venture too far.

Venturing Further Afar

Speaking of batteries, you may notice that during the summer, your mobility scooter’s range will increase. This is because your batteries don’t have to work so hard like they do in winter. In other words, you live your day-to-day life outside and gain even more life experience by venturing further afield and exploring the outdoors.

Even though they don’t have to work as hard, it’s still essential to look after your mobility scooter battery. Charge your battery overnight for 12 hours to achieve full charge with a Scooterpac-approved charger, but always read the charger instruction leaflet to avoid overcharging. Plus, keep the mains electricity on while the battery is connected to the charger. By looking after your battery, it will last longer!

Some top tips for your travels this summer is to plan your routes along shaded areas or make sure there are shaded areas available along the way. This is for both you and your scooter to stay protected from the sun and the heat. Also, avoid travelling during the hottest periods of the day and make sure you always inform others of your route beforehand.

Unexpected Downpours

As we all know, the weather forecast can say one thing but the British weather can have a mind of its own. The odd shower and downpour can catch many off-guard, so it’s a good idea to pack a waterproof jacket and Scooterpac Canopy with you to keep both your scooter and yourself protected against the elements.

With the wet weather, there are high chances of your mobility scooter getting dirty too. Make sure you keep it clean so the dirt doesn’t get into the vehicle or corrode it. Remember to check the underside of the frame and remove any debris so you avoid any bumpy and uncomfortable journeys. A cleaner mobility scooter means a longer lifespan!

Outdoor Social Settings

Following on from checking your mobility scooter for debris, you must keep an eye on the ground when visiting outdoor social settings. Many restaurants and pubs have outside seating areas which can mean there may be glass and other materials on the ground so be aware of this and your tyre conditions.

Always check your tyre pressures before you head out so you have a pleasant and comfortable journey. Remove any debris and stones from them too, so you can prevent any further damage. Carrying a puncture repair kit with you at all times will ensure you are always prepared for damage to your tyres.

By caring for your mobility scooter during summer, you can guarantee you will have the best time when you’re out exploring and you can stay safe during this beautiful time of year. Explore our wide range of mobility scooters on our site today for your next summer adventure or get in touch with us directly to see how we can help you.

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