Why cover up?

As the ever-changing British weather descends across the country, for years the mobility scooter cover has been regarded as the answer to mobility scooter storage. With the relentless winds blowing covers away, and persistent rain drenching cherished mobility scooters – is this really the ultimate level of protection for the 21st century?

Introducing the scooterHUB

The scooterHUB is the perfect mobility scooter storage solution for users who long for complete protection, a superb level of accessibility and total peace of mind.

Our team of expert mobility advisors saw that mobility scooter protection was often undervalued. The scooterHUB has been designed with all the safety and convenience features scooter users demand.

Opening the scooterHUB door
Inside the scooterHUB

Secure your travel companion

With your mobility scooter safely enclosed in the scooterHUB, secured by two tough rimlocks, you can easily ward off any unwanted attention. For ultimate ease of access, ergonomic door handles are featured on both doors, internally and externally.

Mobility storage solution - compatible with virtually every mobility scooter

Total flexibility 🧩

The scooterHUB is a completely modular storage solution. Interchangeable doors, front, back and side panels enables a bespoke configuration; suitable for almost every location or surroundings you are likely to face. Areas with uneven ground? No problem – a unique fully adjustable levelling base hugely increases the installation possibilities.

Easy to construct mobility scooter storage solution

100% power ready

With a built-in electric component board, which comes complete with a motion activated and energy efficient LED light, 13amp socket and fully integrated light switch – the scooterHUB is the perfect charging partner for any mobility scooter.

Electrical component board - mobility scooter storage

Also features…

External safety grab rails

Non-slip flexible entry ramp

Save your scooter with the #1 mobility scooter storage solution

Since 2013, Scooterpac has been on a mission to protect mobility scooter users all over the world. We are passionate about ensuring all scooters are not just for the finer summer months – just like you they deserve the finest protection – all year round.

It is now time for SOS – Save our Scooters.

Charging instabilities 🔋

Batteries are designed to charge in ambient temperatures. Delivering energy with your scooter located in a cold environment, will affect the scooter’s performance. With the scooterHUB’s built-in electric board, you can achieve optimal charging conditions.

Let’s be computer friendly too ⚙️

To ensure safe operation, many feature complex electronic controllers. Just as leaving your computer outside in the rain is not recommended, mobility scooters should not be treated any differently. Let the scooterHUB help you to prevent having to replace these costly components!

Rust is so outdated 🛠️

Your mobility scooter is constructed with a variety of moving parts which need to be in optimum condition to provide you with maximum benefit. Corrosion causes components to fail making it harder to conduct services or repairs and reduces the lifespan of your mobility scooter. The scooterHUB creates a dry and fresh environment preventing brakes and wheels seizing up.

Water ingress 🌊

Did you know that one of the main causes of mobility scooter failures is due to water ingress? With scooterHUB’s complete protection your scooter is shielded from any inclement weather, helping to save on your repair costs.

Adjustable levelling base
Locking the scooterHUB
Proud scooterHUB owner - the number one mobility scooter storage solution

Experience unsurpassed protection

Contact your Scooterpac dealer to arrange installation today.

Product Brochure

Technical Specifications

Frequently asked questions

Please speak to your local Scooterpac dealer who will be happy to guide you through the easy and hassle free process of installing your mobility scooter storage solution.
Absolutely! The scooterHUB is available in two sizes, Standard and XL (designed for the Cabin Car). For more information see the technical specifications.
The scooterHUB includes a complete fully wired electrical component board featuring a 13amp socket for scooter charging. All you need to do is run the 15m cable and plug in the RCD breaker to your nearest power supply socket.
It’s simples – you don’t have to! With a bright, energy efficient LED motion activated light, you will have ultimate visibility each and every time you visit your scooterHUB.
The tough steel checker plate ramp is securely bolted to the scooterHUB’s frame.
With the fully adjustable levelling base you can have total peace of mind that the scooterHUB can be successfully be installed on a number of surfaces; concrete, grass, bark, stone, shingle and many more!
All components featured on the electric board are IP rated offering superior weather resistance against dust and water.
With dual door access and grab rails externally fitted, moving in and out of the scooterHUB is a breeze.
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