Our Story

We are incredibly proud of our company heritage. Discover our full story below.

Founded in 2013

We began our journey with one simple goal; to enhance the lives of the less able. Achieved by inventing and building cutting-edge lifestyle mobility products, this endeavour quickly become our mission and we have lived and breathed it ever since.

Thousands of mobility scooter users were missing out on the freedom they deserved. A gap in the market was identified for a durable and universal product with fast delivery – the Scooterpac Canopy was born. Designed by our development team, the Canopy was an industry breakthrough, and provided Scooterpac with a strong foundation to expand.

Cabin Car MK1 launched. The first mobility scooter on the market to include an interior heater, remote central locking and reversing camera, amongst a host of other industry firsts. The Cabin Car has been the pioneer in the enclosed mobility scooter range.

Cabin Car MK2 launched. To further increase the quality of the Cabin Car and provide our customers with a fully British manufacturer solution, Scooterpac assembled their own production line, exclusively dedicated to the craftmanship of the Cabin Car.

Cabin Car MK2 Plus launched. Production upgrades to the Cabin Car line were made including the introduction of a new cabin shell and complete range of optional extras.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Scooterpac formed relationships with key PPE suppliers and closely collaborated with the British healthcare industry, building and maintaining critical supply chains.

A further gap in the market was discovered for a genuine long range 8mph mobility scooter that didn’t sacrifice on comfort or performance. The Ignite was launched and has strong growth ever since.

We believe no surface should be off limits. That is why the Invader was launched in 2021. This ultimate off-road vehicle provides a reliable solution for people who not only wish to drive around town but desire a thrilling off-road experience.

Following the tremendous success of the Ignite in 2021, the Ignite Mini was introduced to offer even more people the opportunity to experience unparalleled comfort, warmth and distance.

The lightest mobility range in the UK launches. The Feather range, comprising of a portable mobility scooter and lightweight wheelchairs were scientifically designed to elevate people’s everyday lives. Met with an incredible response, they kickstarted an industry wide step change in offering genuinely lightweight mobility products, to truly improve people’s lives.