Can You Use Mobility Scooters in the Rain?


Yes, you can use mobility scooters in the rain! However, it’s always best to be prepared for torrential showers and heavy downpours. Most mobility scooters are waterproof, but we do not recommend venturing out in storms or driving through large puddles as this can damage the mechanics.

There are many different ways you can keep both yourself and your scooter dry in the wet weather, so read below for more information.

How to Stay Dry on a Mobility Scooter

Check the Weather

It may sound simple, but checking the weather forecast before you make plans can reduce the risk of your mobility scooter getting caught in the rain. As unpredictable as the UK weather can be, it’s probably best to check this last minute and adjust your plans so you can avoid the wet.

Take a Raincoat With You

If you’ve got a raincoat, always bring it with you on your journeys! Why not buy 2 so you always have one stored with your scooter so you never forget? This way, you can always make sure you stay dry when you head out, no matter what the weather may bring. It doesn’t have to be a raincoat either, a waterproof cape is another option too!

Buy a Scooterpac Canopy

Keep both yourself and your scooter dry with the Scooterpac Canopy. Compatible with virtually any mobility scooter on the market and with complete ease of use, you have peace of mind that you’ll always stay dry on the move. Open and fold it within 30 seconds and close it back up just as quickly – you’ll hardly notice it on the back of your vehicle! Available in 2 sizes and windproof too, you’re protected against all the elements.

Download our user manual for more information here.

Mobility Scooter Rain Protection

Rain Covers for Mobility Scooters

If you store your mobility scooter outside, it’s important that it is always under shelter and protected from the rain. If you don’t have space for a shelter, rain covers for mobility scooters are a great solution to keep them safe and dry. They usually fit most scooters and are also perfect for leaving your scooters outside whilst you shop.

Choose the Cabin Car

cabin car mobility scooter

When it comes to choosing a mobility scooter, choose one with rain protection built in like the Cabin Car! Completely covered and with windscreen washer and wipers, you’re ultimately prepared for any kind of weather. Its fully insulated fiberglass shell and windows that slide up and down keep you both dry and comfortable on your journeys.

What To Do If Your Mobility Scooter Gets Wet?

More often than not, you will probably get caught short in a shower and undoubtedly, your mobility scooter will get wet. During the downpour, avoid any big puddles and try to find some suitable shelter until the weather passes or eases. If your mobility scooter does get wet, here are some helpful tips to protect it:

Thoroughly Dry Your Scooter ASAP

When you arrive home, wipe down every surface of your mobility scooter with a towel as soon as possible and park it in a warm dry place for at least 12 hours.

Double Check Your Charging Port

Make sure your battery charging port is always closed before you use your scooter to avoid it getting wet. When drying your scooter, double check this to ensure this area is free of water.

Test Your Scooter Before Taking It Out Again

Before venturing back out, check the operation of your scooter, tiller and especially the brakes. If you identify any issues or malfunctions, contact your mobility scooter provider straight away to get it checked over.

The lesson here is to always be prepared; whether that means before you head out, while you’re out and with aftercare for your mobility scooter. At Scooterpac, we’re here to help you stay safe and dry on every journey so you can still enjoy the adventures life will bring you.

Explore our wide range of mobility scooters on our site today or get in touch with us directly to see how we can help you.

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