How Far Can I Travel on a Mobility Scooter?

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Before you invest in a mobility scooter, you might be wondering ‘how far can I travel on a mobility scooter?’ Depending on your needs, you may require a higher miles range for the journeys you will be embarking on, so we’ve collected our top mobility scooters for distance to help you decide.

The Invader – 60 Miles Range

The mobility scooter with the highest mile range is the Invader. Although typically achieving a 30 miles range, with an optional extra lithium battery set up, you will be able to achieve greater range up to 60 miles!

When it comes to off road travelling, having the ability to trek further means you have more of an adventure. No surface is off limits with the Invader and with its complete suspension system, you can be sure every ride will be controlled and comfortable.

Cabin Car – 50 Miles Range

In close second is the Cabin Car with a mile range up to 50 miles when you choose lithium-ion batteries. With the standard 75Ah batteries, you will achieve 22 miles range and with dual 100Ah batteries, 30 miles range.

However far you would like to travel on your mobility scooter, you can customise this ability with the Cabin Car – among other things! It’s called the bespoke choice for a reason with over 20 optional extras to choose from, you can travel in style no matter how far.

Ignite Grande – 45 Miles Range

The Ignite Grande has the industry-leading battery capacity, so you can achieve 45 miles range on a single charge. Start planning your trips with no worries about terrain – From the shops to the countryside, you can go anywhere!

With its wide, cushioned and heated seat, you will be relaxed on every journey and a four-way adjustable driving position means you can perfectly mould your scooter to your body for complete posture stability.

Ignite – 40 Miles Range

Not only does the Ignite have a 40 miles range, but you can also achieve top speeds for even longer. It’s the most powerful mobility scooter ever produced, so there’s no stopping you from getting to where you want to be!

The super 1400w motor comes with the highest levels of torque and grip for ultimate safety and the smooth acceleration system makes controlling the even smoother. No matter whether your journey is along cobble streets or off road tracks, the Ignite will get you there.

Ignite Mini – 35 Miles Range

It may be smaller than the Ignite and Ignite Grande, but its power is not compromised. Its 75Ah batteries still give you a range of up to 35 miles and with a weight capacity of 150kg, there’s no stopping the Ignite Mini.

The maximum slope capacity is 15 degrees, so it has the ability to tackle any inclines on your journey. Accessible finger and thumb controls are the ergonomic solution to make travelling a breeze and the industry-leading technical setup means it’s a motor you can always rely on.

The possibilities are endless when you come to Scooterpac and we’re here to help you find the mobility scooter that’s right for you. Find one of our local dealers to have a browse of our mobility scooters or contact us to talk to one of our friendly team members directly.

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