Ultimate independence & comfort in the coolest mobility scooter out there!


At a young age Daniel was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. In 2018 he was finding it increasingly difficult to walk longer distances. Daniel wanted to be able to travel in comfort and most of all safely. It was clear a mobility scooter was the answer – but not just any mobility scooter…


Daniel contacted his local mobility equipment supplier, Life & Mobility in Somerset where he was presented with a large variety of mobility scooters. It was important to Daniel that his personality would be reflected in his new purchase. The Cabin Car was simply the perfect choice.

On his drive 15 minutes to work at Thorngrove Garden Centre, Daniel travels in complete style. Excited to be out and about as much as possible. He regularly nominates himself to collect those critical coffee break supplies from the corner shop.

“As soon as Daniel saw the Cabin Car his face was beaming with joy! With the fully enclosed design I feel completely confident that Daniel is comfortable and most of all safe when travelling in his Cabin Car.”

Lynne (Daniel’s Mum), Dorset.

A new way of life

The Cabin Car has provided Daniel with a renewed way of living – with a range of up 30 miles, outdoors adventures with family and friends and now a reality. The Cabin Car is jam-packed with the very latest technology like the Rear Parking Sensors and Reversing Camera which guarantee Daniel is safe and in control wherever he is. Convenience features like the interior heater ensures total comfort and warmth on those early winter mornings.

Daniel in his Cabin Car outside his workplace
Daniel in his Cabin Car outside his workplace – Thorngrove Garden Centre


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