Customer Stories: Cabin Cars in our local market town


Premium enclosed mobility scooter ushers renewed independence to market town

As the saying goes, you wait ages for one bus and then two come along at once.

I recently discovered that two new enclosed mobility scooters were frequenting the roads and pavements of a quaint Norfolk market town. And I had it on good authority that they were creating quite a stir in the neighbourhood. We just had to talk to the new owners.

I sat down with Carol “Butterfly” Lynn and Carol “Ladybird” Terry of Swaffham to learn about their Cabin Car story.

A new way to get out and about

When Carol Terry recently gave up her car, she knew she would need another means of transport. With her friend Carol Lynn, they visited Mobility Supermarket East in Dereham. The showroom has a large variety of models in stock, ready to test drive, including Scooterpac’s enclosed mobility scooter. It was there they discovered the Cabin Car.

“As soon as we saw the Cabin Car, we feel in love – it’s just like a car!”
Carol Terry

With walking getting difficult, and aches and pains increasing, the Cabin Car, both their first mobility scooter, became the best choice. Carol Lynn said, “It’s already been helpful getting to the shops, doctors and around town, without the expensive taxi fare!”

A story behind the names

Giggling, Carol “Ladybird” told me, “We decided to name them after bugs because they are our buggies!”. Carol named her Cabin Car in memory of her dad, who named her second car Ladybird, and it was red too! “I wanted to carry the name on in his memory”.

Their first outing and causing a stir

Their maiden journey was travelling to the other side of town to visit a mutual friend.

“Initially both nervous, we stayed on the pavements. Carol Terry added, “On the way back, I was driving ahead and for a moment I thought I’d lost Carol and Butterfly. Turning back, I could see she was whizzing along the road at 8mph!

Not forgetting to get a parking ticket, they park one behind the other in the town centre car park. One evening when returning to their parked Cabin Cars, it was getting dark. It was a perfect opportunity to try out the headlights. “Before we knew it, people were coming up and asking us all these questions. Carol Lynn added, “Butterfly and Ladybird really are causing quite a stir.”

Now, they both can’t wait to explore their town with complete mobility freedom.

“We can now go out together and enjoy the whole day, come rain or shine”.
Carol Lynn

When they’re not being cleaned, they can be seen travelling in tandem. If you’re out and about in the local area, don’t forget to give the Carols a big wave and say hello!

Discover how the Cabin Car can renew your independence.

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