Do I need mobility scooter insurance?


The UK is home to over 400,000 mobility scooters and we’re known as Europe’s capital of mobility scooters. You might be wondering about the implications of mobility scooter insurance.

Do I need mobility scooter insurance?

You might think it’s a requirement to have insurance when owning a mobility scooter. Actually, the UK government recommends insurance for all mobility scooter but it is not required by law.

Alongside DVLA registration, Scooterpac recommends purchasing insurance. Depending on the provider, the benefits may include:

  • Accidental damage cover
    The cost to repair scooters (parts and labour) can be expensive. You may be compensate if you are involved in an accident.
  • Theft and vandalism cover
    Acting in a similar way to accidental damage cover, this protects you if your scooter is stolen or vandalised.
  • Third-party liability
    If you accidentally injure someone or damage their property while using your scooter, the insurance may protect you from legal and compensation claims against you.
  • Breakdown cover
    Have you got stranded, experienced a mechanical or battery failure? Your insurance may help you get back home or take your scooter to a local repair centre.

Should I purchase mobility scooter insurance?

Insurance can protect you from unexpected bills. It can also help you if you end up causing damage or harm to someone else or their property. Ultimately, the decision is up to you but it worth thinking about:

  1. How often do you use your scooter? Do you use it in busy areas?
  2. Do you have a new scooter or one that is worth a lot of money? It might be costly to repair or replace.
  3. Would you be concerned about the financial effects of a third-party claim or legal expenses?

Scooterpac’s Advice

Even though mobility scooter insurance is not legally required in the UK, it can be a worthwhile investment. At Scooterpac, we believe that using a mobility scooter is a ticket to living with renewed independence. For full peace of mind, we recommend scooter users buy an insurance policy.

Now you know about insurance, it’s time to move in style. Choose your mobility scooter from Scooterpac’s range of premium mobility scooters.

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